Thursday, September 17, 2009

Joey's Noose


JOEY is standing with a noose, about to hang himself.

This is it man. This is your big moment. Time to hang yourself. Time to die. This will show them. This will show all of them! They thought I couldn't tie a noose, but I SHOWED THEM. Look how well I tied it. Now it's going to help me die. Yep. I should name this noose, it's so well knotted. I should give it a PRETTY NAME. How about Lyla? Lyla the Noose. Me and Lyla, together forever. Looks like I'm not dying alone after all. Looks like things are starting to look pretty awesome for Joey.

Joey slips the noose around his neck.

Yep. There it is. Nice and tight. Won't snap with my weight. That's a strong knot. I almost wish I wasn't killing myself so that I could savor the appreciation for my rope tying skills. I wish I could hang in there a bit longer...HAHA. "HANG" in there, that's a joke! I can't HANG in there cause I'll be HANGING and dead. I'll be a hanging, dead, corpse. Not even a person anymore, just a...thing. A disgusting thing.

Joey steps off his bed and starts to die.

Theeere we go. Bim bam boom. That's how you do it. Bada bing, bada boom. Wam bam thank you ma'am.

Joey closes his eyes and stops talking. The rope snaps. He falls to the floor. He gets up and holds the rope in his hand.

And that, class, is why a good knot is so important.

A class of kids is revealed.

Now hand in your ropes, and i'll see you Monday.

The class of kids hands in their nooses that they made themselves. They all leave.

Ahh, good kids. Good kids.

Joey sits there smiling, perfectly at ease. Joey opens his drawer, takes out a gun and shoots himself.



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