Friday, September 11, 2009

Bad Jugglers


Two JUGGLERS come out on stage. They can't juggle at all. They have bowling pins and are constantly throwing them into the air as they drop to the floor, having to pick them up, tossing them at each other, picking them up, etc, etc.

There are half a dozen or so little kids sitting and watching. Despite how bad the jugglers are, they are enthusiastically cheering and applauding everything they do.

A WOMAN stands up from the crowd.

STOP THE ACT! I'm all of these children's mother. You call yourself jugglers? You call this a performance?

The jugglers shrug at each other. One of the jugglers tries to keep juggling (still badly.)

STOP! You two don't know what juggling is! I juggle every day. I juggle these 6 children. A career. A marriage. My relatives, my friends. My health. My life. It's all one big juggle! NOW HAND ME THOSE BOWLING PINS.

The jugglers hand her some bowling pins. A spotlight on the woman and a drum roll. The woman attempts to juggle and FAILS. She falls down to the ground. Lights come up.

Oh god. It's all been a lie. It's all a lie.'re all adpoted. Go find your real parents. They lives at these addresses.

She takes out tabs of paper and hands them to each kid. They look at the paper and all get up and walk away.

WOMAN (to the jugglers.)
And you ARE my real children!

The two jugglers are shocked.

Come here boys. GIVE YOUR MOTHER A HUG!!

They all hug. Spotlight on them. Fade out.



Blogger JAJAC said...

This is great!

2:54 PM  
Blogger Digitalshrub said...

Now that's my kind of sketch. Lookout!

9:02 PM  
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