Friday, August 23, 2013

15 Signs You're An Orange

Ok guys, you're out there somewhere. Sitting at your computer, reading these internet lists, and still not feeling represented. Well here you go.


1. You have an orange peel around you.

2. You are orange, the color.

3. You have seeds.

4. You are round.

5. You are small.

6. You grow on orange trees.

7. You smell like an orange.

8. You can be broken up into orange slices.

9. You get moldy if you sit around for too long.

10. You prefer quiet nights indoors and not loud bars.

11. You taste like an orange.

12. You can be made into orange juice.

13. You make fun of tangerines and are jealous of clementines.

14. You are a symbol for death in "The Godfather" films.

15. You can be bought in the fruit section of a supermarket.